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washington's new fave wedding photographer

What's poppin my homies? I'm Jen, an all inclusive Washington wedding, elopement and lifestyle photographer based out of Whidbey Island but servicing all of the Pacific Northwest with my glory. But above that, I'm a pretty dope lady, a wife, and a mama. I got a hot husband and a cute ass baby so I guess you could say life is pretty good. Said hot husband happens to be in the Navy, which is what brought us up to the good ol PNW. Before this we were living our best lives in San Diego and just when things were getting good, boom. Uncle Sam said pack your crap, you're moving. So, here we are. We're currently hotel living with our baby AND three pets. Please pray for us and our lack of space. Our son is Wesley and some how he's already 9.5 months (no I am not okay) and he is seriously the cutest baby in all the land in the history of ever.

A little reminiscing for those new around here, Justin and I have been married for almost three years, the story of us is kind of cute I guess. We met back in our homeland (AZ) in high school working at a local Mexican restaurant. Both of us were dating someone at the time but lets be real, we were work boyfriend and girlfriend. Talk about flirt central. We ended up losing touch for a few years and then one winter night in January 2018, at one of my friends birthday bonfires, I saw this fool. In my head I was like “uhm what is he doing here these aren’t his friends this is weird”. We talked all night, he saved from almost getting trampled in a drunken brawl and we hung out all the next morning before he went back to San Diego (he was home on leave). A couple weeks later I went to go see him and well you know the rest. Typical military relationship, date and get married in less than a years time. But it’s fine because he’s literally my best friend in the entire world and now we have the best life.

Anyhoodle, hope you enjoyed my first ever blog post, sorry not sorry that it's not the best, I'm a photographer not a writer. Enjoy some pics that my homie Nicolette (@nicddkphoto on the 'gram) did this past winter. They're my favorite ever.

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